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ICMC 2022 Limerick Ireland


July 3-10

Eighth Degree of the Yang Chin and Showers of Flowers

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Phil Winsor's Eighth Degree of the Yang Ch'in and Showers of Flowers

An examination of Process and Development

Phil Winsor (1938-2012) worked as a composer, educator, author and visual artist. During his last creative period,
Winsor turned his attention to producing computer music videos and multi-channel works. This paper examines “Eighth Degree of the Yang Ch’in,” an 8-channel work; and “Showers of Flowers,” a computer music video that uses the Yang Ch’in piece for its soundtrack. This paper intends to provide an insight into the working methods used by Winsor to bring his concepts to realization. This includes the processes and materials that Winsor developed for these works, the micro and macro aspects of the musical structure and the conversion of the multi-channel work into a video soundtrack.

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