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Music Wonk Patches

Home-brew Patches

Music Wonk is a graphic construction program that allows for the manipulation of MIDI data. Written by John Dunn (1943-2018), it is a program that allows generative approaches for the construction of musical works and audio installations.  The program is now offered as freeware at Algorithmic Arts Download page.

I have included patches that I have used to generate pieces. While it can be used as a stand-alone program I find it allows for far greater sonic exploration if it is ported to a DAW program with a virtual MIDI program (like loopMIDI). I have used this method in Cubase, for composition and in Ableton Live for real-time laptop works. 

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A Music Wonk patch that generates 4-part algorithmic pieces. A Tempo Grid sets the tempo of the sections. Sections are changed with a logical comparison statement that determines the length of the section. When the tempo change is initiated a number of musical elements change as well (i.e velocity and rhythm).
The user can change the probability curves to alter pitch distribution.

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Hindemithian Harmony Maker

A Music Wonk patch that generates six-part harmonic structures using Hindemith's Chord Classification system.

Pitch velocity and number of voices can be fixed or variable. Thirteen harmonic structures are included and all sororities can be replaced by the user.

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Sieve Patch

A Music Wonk parch that generates rhythmic and melodic patterns based on Xenakis Sieve Theory  User can set Modulus and Residual Class for four-voices. Complimentary numbers work best and patch allows for the random generation of Mod and RC pairs.

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